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Guest Authors

Katerina Dunne

Return to Eyrie.jpg

Katerina Dunne is the pen-name of Katerina Vavoulidou. Originally from Athens, Greece, Katerina has been living in Ireland since 1999. She has a degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Athens, an MA in Film Studies from University College Dublin and an MPhil in Medieval History from Trinity

Raised in exile, adolescent noblewoman Margit Szilágyi dreams of returning to her homeland of Transylvania to avenge her father's murder.

She must break the constraints of her gender and social status and secretly train in combat.

When the king offers her a chance at justice, she seizes it - even if it means disguising herself as a man to infiltrate the vultures' nest that now occupies her ancestral 'eyrie'.

Return to the Eyrie is an epic coming-of-age tale of a young woman's unwavering pursuit of justice and destiny in 15th century Hungary.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Claudia Harrison

Book Leading me to you by Claudia Harrison

Leading Me To You is a story about a young woman who is living an ordinary life as a wife and mother. This is the exact life that she had imagined, but certain aspects of it have made her question if this is the right path for her. Emma’s days are quite repetitive, but on one, she is prompted to do something different. While out, she happens to bump into a man that recognises that he knows her from his childhood. He reacquaints her with her best friend from school, whom he is now married to. 

Emma's friend Chloe is terminally ill and in five days, she quickly passes away. 

 During her short time spent with Chloe, Emma’s life is whirl winded by a host of revelations. She cannot take back what she now knows no matter how hard she tries. Emma sweeps her worries neatly under the carpet, but her truth continues to show up until she cannot ignore it anymore.

This woman who once wished for more, soon finds that through her heartache, loss, and betrayal, will emerge a life of connection, family, and love.

Lauren Ashley

Novel Everything I am by Lauren Asshley


Kinsley wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her mother’s best friend but she did. 

Kinsley Cooper was always the only one for Seattle’s notorious playboy, Dr Justin Walker…

So, what caused their illicit affair to end abruptly, tearing them apart and causing Kinsley to flee to find solitude?

After seven years, Kinsley has returned as Seattle’s newest sexologist, working at her mother’s clinic - the very one her ex-lover, Dr Justin Walker, works at also. 

All she wanted was a fresh start but that’s easier said than done when the secrets of her past threaten to unravel the new beginning that she’s fought so hard to create.

How will Kinsley keep her past secret as she fights her guilt for her tempestuous affair from being discovered by her mother, all the while still being attracted to the one man who devastated her life..?


“A thrilling romance of complex emotion and characters to entice the senses on every page…” Tabitha, IndieBook reviewer

Gillian Wells

Picture of novel Lost by Gillian Wells


For Sebastian, running is his freedom and love as he competes in marathons and feels his body burn with every stride. 

But his love of running will be his undoing as he flees from his family of dark secrets, straight into the waiting arms of a cult who desire his spirit for their own. On the horse stud owned by his grandparents, and where they operate a cult for followers who are lost souls amongst the inept world that forgot them, Sebastian will learn what he is truly made of and discover a love of horses he never knew.

Generations of Sebastian’s family will clash over the dark secrets kept silent within all of them. Sebastian’s mother, Connie, is desperate to save her son from her parents, recalling she had to leave long ago to save herself…

Sebastian’s only saving grace will be the Arabian horse who will rescue him from a tragic accident and befriend him as no other creature has before.

To find himself and to uncover the darkness hidden by his family, Sebastian must become lost in a hope he can survive and live his true passion once again…


“Gillian Wells has found her stride with yet another great novel of dark menace and intrigue, mixed with her usual gripping drama… Exceptional work… You will get lost in LOST…” Abigail, Indie Book Reviewer

White Background

Rob and Joan Carter

A Chance of a Ghost Novel

Welcome to our last exclusive interview! Rob and Joan Carter, the dynamic duo behind the acclaimed O'Rourke Series and soon to be released 'A Chance of a Ghost'. With a diverse range of projects on their horizon, including a children’s book and a riveting paranormal exploration based on their extensive investigations, Rob and Joan are constantly pushing the boundaries of storytelling. But their literary talents extend beyond their own works; they've also ventured into the realm of author promotion with their service, INDIE BOOK SOURCE, and engage with fellow writers through their weekly talk show, the MEET THE AUTHOR Podcast. Join us as we delve into their creative journey, family adventures, and the fascinating world they've built within and beyond the pages of their books. 


Paul Hollis
The Hollowman

The Hollowman series of Novels
London Bridge is Falling Down Novel
Surviving Prague Novel

IThe inspiration for my storylines comes from a series of true incidents that occurred during the early 1970s. The Hollow Man Series books trace some of my lesser known experiences traveling in Europe as a young man. To make a long story short, I met a guy in early 1973 who thought I was wasting my time digging latrines in East Africa. He had a better offer for me. These stories are based on my true espionage experience.


​At the time, terrorism was on the rise and I was assigned to learn as much as I could about it. Most early acts of terror were specific, personal and damage was focused on a distinct, definable enemy. But terrorism was beginning to change its strategy to the familiar, senseless chaos we recognize today. The death of political figures no longer seemed to bother us as much as these new, random attacks against our children. Targets of innocence became preferable to these people because it was the kind of shock and hurt that hit closer to our hearts. The fear inside us grew larger with each incident.

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